Are your Facebook friends really your friends?

Posted: March 20th 2014

Category: Anti-Virus News

Are your Facebook friends really your friends?

According to their quarterly filing, .4% - 1.2% of the 1.2 billion profiles on Facebook are "undesirable" or fake - used for spamming, phishing and other bad things.

‚ěĘTips below:

Check out your friends and see if there are any impostors, then contact them or get rid of them. Then share this with your real friends so that they can do the same thing.

Some things to check:

1) Do they have a reasonable number of friends? The average user has several hundred.

2) Is their picture real? While not everyone uses their own face, a fake pic is a good indicator to start looking closer.

3) Are they active? Do they post real status updates or interact with other people you know?

4) Do they like random or contradictory things? Fake profiles either have very few likes or a huge number of them.

5) Do they belong to a huge number of groups? Check a few and see if they are posting ads or real content.

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